Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Pictorial | Pink Gothic

Hello Lovelies,

So as I promised, today's post is going to be a pictorial on how I got this look using some of the L.A Girl products I got from Beauty Kink.

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to do a pictorial, and if you notice my lightening kept  changing, I  took some pictures myself, and some were taken by UD.

Without typing a long story, lets get right into it....

It's going to be a long post, but do take time to go through it as you may learn a thing or two.

1. I did my eyebrows off camera, so I started by priming my lid with L.A Girl pro primer in white. This helps to prepare the eyes for makeup, it also gives the eyeshadow something to stick to and it prevents the eyesahdow from creasing.

2. Now I am blending the primer with a fluffy brush.

3. Going in with this light orange color, I am using a clean sigma fluffy brush to warm up my crease. I'm using a wiper motion to apply that color.

 4. With my elf eyeshadow brush, I am packing on that fushia pink color, and applying it in a dabbing/patting motion on my lid.

5. With another elf eyeshadow brush, and the black eyeshadow from the same palette, I am applying that color to my outer v in a circular motion, and dragging it slightly into my crease to contour it.

6. With my sigma fluffy brush, I am blending all the harsh lines from the black and orange to give it a seamless finish.

7. Now I am lining my upper lashline with the L.A Girl  fineline liquid liner. I created a little bit of a wing...

 8. I fixed my false lashes off camera, and then I used the L.A Girl pro primer again to line my lower lashline in preparation for the color I would use there.

9.  Finally, I used my real techniques fine liner brush to apply blue eyeshadow from the same palette on my lower lashline.  I used some mascara on the bottom lashes and viola, we are all done with the eyes.

Eyes complete...

On to the lips....

I also did my face routine off camera, but I would list the products I used.

10. I used nyx deep purple lip pencil to line and define the lips.

11. Filled in my lips a little more with the lip pencil

12. Now I applied the L.A Girl matte pigment gloss all over my lips

13. With a flat synthetic brush and some concealer, I cleaned up the edges of my lips.

And there you have it people, the finished look !!!

Full list of Products used:


  • mabrook eyebrow pencil- brown
  • hegai & esther brow gel- nubia
  • black opal concealer- heavenly honey
  • la girl pro primer- white
  • la girl beauty brick eyeshadow- neon
  • la girl endless auto eyeliner- very black
  • la girl fineline eyeliner- black
  • oriflame wonder lash mascara- black
  • dark eye lashes- #747L
  • milk of magnesia
  • black up matifying fluid foundation- NFL06
  • maybelline clear smooth powder- toffee
  • mac powder blush- fever
  • milani baked bronzer- glow
  • nyx lip pencil- deep purple
  • la girl matte pigment gloss- backstage
Bonus Pictures...

I hope you dolls enjoyed this pictorial as much as I enjoyed doing it. It wasn't easy at all but hopefully, I should be able to do more of these as time goes buy.

Don't forget you can get the eyeshadow palette, lip gloss and brushes to buy at amazing prices only on Beauty Kink. Click HERE to shop!!!

Have a lovely day everyone!!!!



  1. Wow. This is lovely. I was carried away watching the pictures, it was as if I was watching a YouTube makeup video. Nice job Chloe.

    Jela's Beauty

    1. Thanks alot Jela, that was the whole idea. Thanks for stopping by...

  2. Very nice! Learnt something...when did you line your lower lash line? befor the primer of after?

    1. Sunmi, I lined my lower lash line after applying the primer. thanks for dropping by, I am glad you learnt something

  3. I love the lip colour! It's beautiful

  4. I must confess, chloe you are good.

  5. This is really nice! Next time a video pls

  6. Weldone mummy @chloe makeovers.

  7. Weldone mummy @chloemakeovers

  8. As usual,its alwez nice stopping by cos i alwez go away with new knowledge.tnk u ma for sharing,d pictorial is great

  9. This look is amazing! x

  10. Lovely. Please do more pictorials in future. Looking forward to them. Kudos

  11. Lovely. Please do more pictorials in the future. Looking forward to them. Kudos

  12. Tnx for de idear

  13. Ds look is blowing my mind oooo...omg! Oh! U rock! Dts y I fell 4 ur makeup

  14. Oh please do!!! you make it look easier. Most times i just ignore the tutorials when i cant understand them. Well done.

  15. Nice work there.

    Did you apply powder after cleaning your outer lips with concealer + did you do the highlighting and contouring on the face?

    Beautiful makeup.