Saturday, 14 March 2015

Review: Mac Eyebrow Pencil - STUD

I have this weird relationship with Mac Eyebrow Pencil that can best be described as a Love/Hate Relationship.  I always buy it, I always use it and then I stop. Guess what?  The cycle begins again. This has been going on for years, so I decided to finally put my thoughts down in writing with this review.

Let's get to it....

What Mac says:

This is a definer that offers shape, color, and density in one streamlined tool. It is self- propelling, self- sharpening and brow defining.  Like a pen, it creates it's own just-right point for striking arches. It is easy to carry around and it doesn't need a sharpener. It comes in 6 different shades.

The Packaging is very sleek. It comes in a very slim tight twist up pencil, so you twist it up, and very little product comes out. Stud is a dark brown shade that is neither too dark or too light. It is a build-able shade that gives you enough control to work with the pencil.

The Texture is lovely, it is neither too powdery or waxy, just a perfect blend of both.  It also has a smooth consistency and it glides on nicely on the brows.

My thoughts: To best understand how I feel about this product I would list out what I love and what I don't like about Stud.

What I love: 

  • Very easy and quick to define the brows
  • No sharpening required
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Shade matches my brow hair perfectly
  • No tension of fading or smudging
What I don't like:
  • It breaks easily
  • It is not retraceable, so you can't know what you have left. ( You better have back up)
  • Slightly on the pricey side


Where to buy:

Price: #3,900


I think i'll settle for Love, since I always find myself repurchasing it and yes I would  still recommend it any day.

Who else uses any Mac brow pencil? Please share your thoughts...



  1. I will use the MAC Eyebrow pencil in Spiked sometimes. You definitely have to have a back up because you can use it quickly if it breaks often.

    1. I use spiked as well, its just lighter than stud. but i prefer stud, and that's the back up I have ....

  2. Hello,pls somethn got me confused n I need it clarified. I hv been hearing of NYX jumbo pencil in milk n finally got one for 2k. I opened it after weeks of delivery only to see I can't twist/roll it. What I want t know is if d product on it is d only product in it cos m wonderin if my 2k will just end once I finish d little product on d edge. Lolz pls don't mind me. Thanks in anticipation, lola

    1. My thoughts exactly, I now use a long edge comb in bringing out the product.

    2. hehehe@ using a long edge comb to bring out the product.

    3. Maybe you should buy a jumbo pencil sharpener..wen u sharpen it am pretty sure you wud get more product inside

    4. Hehe! The NYX jumbo pencil is meant to be sharpened, just get a sharpener for jumbo pencils and you are good to go:)

  3. Cn u use it on a very dark person

    1. Yes you can use stud on a dark person, infact stud is the darkest shade out of the 6 shades available

  4. Lola the NYX jumbo pencil is like a pencil so you can sharpen it to bring out more product from the pencil but you have to buy an Nyx jumbo pencil sharpener as using a razor wastes the product IMOO and the pencil is quite big so you can't use the conventional sharpner to sharpen it. Hope this helps

    1. Thank u so much. It actually helped bt I just checked d pencil now n noticed its not wooden lik d normal pencils. Ds one is somehow plastic. Lola

  5. if you stick in the freezer for some minutes before sharpening it solidifies making it easy to sharpen with a jumbo sharpener.
    Nice review Doyin.

  6. This actually is my best MAC product. It annoys me because it breaks so easily, the formulation keeps getting worse batch by batch. But the weird thing is I'll keep buying it until a find a perfect dupe, which I haven't found. The Anastasia brow wiz is very close, but if it not panadol, e no fit be like panadol! LOL!

  7. Hi,about ur nyx have u tried depoting ?u break d bottom part geta neat eye shadow container (empty)place d top part inside and use ur handdrierto heatd plastic part of the jumbo pencil as smooth as silk u get all ur products in d e/s container and Walla!!!its neater nd u dont loose any product.Hope it helped?