Monday, 23 March 2015

Nails for the Week #22

Manicure Details:

Natural nails  - Done by myself

Nail Polish- 
                     Maybelline express finish - classic black
                     barry M Gelly Hi- Shine- Blood Orange
                     O.P.I Nail Laquer- Another Polish Joke    

Do have yourselves a wonderful week ahead



  1. Do you know that devil is real? I have been meaning to achieve one of your "Nails for the Week" #20 to be precise. I kind of tried o and i was glad. Because i was at it for close to 1 hour 30 minutes. I coated it with nail hardener and was chilling for it to dry. Then all of a sudden, i felt something move in my clothes. I relaxed thinking it was the loose chiffon top blowing around. Then this thing started moving and this time faster! Oh Lord, i pushed the table and everything on it fell to the ground. I did not properly close the nail hardener because i was going to do a second coating. The nail hardener spilled on the floor. I was still forming, trying to take off the cloth without touching my nails. This thing began to move much more fast and was so scary. I just began to run up and down in the room and forgot i painted my nails. If you see the rush i used in removing the top, only for 1 tiny, devil sent cockroach to fall off the cloth. I was too shocked, i didn't even kill it. It ran off. Before i could look at my nails, they were disfigured like they were attacked with acid. That's how a tiny cockroach made me loose the nails i was painting. *sobs*

  2. hehehehehehe, omg!!!! Is this a true story? I could have sworn I was reading a book or something... You are so damn descriptive o... And that's how one tiny cockroach ruined our nails ..... Anyways thanks for reading , and you should still try another nail design, I am pretty sure this time around they won't be any cockroach around.....

  3. Your nails are nice, good colour combination.

  4. Lmao @ Miss Ebony. Pele Dear

    Lovely manicure...and congrats on your nomination.