Monday, 29 December 2014

Caring for my Natural Nails...

L-R: Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil , Collection Nail Care 2 in 1 Base Coat & Ridge Filler and Collection Nail Care Top Coat.
I have been growing my natural nails for some time now, but I realized no matter what I do the nails still break. When ever one finger nail breaks , I just decide to cut the rest off and start afresh.
Sometimes, with my natural nails , I find it very challenging tying gele for myself, teaching my students gele tying or even tying on clients.

Recently, I have been using stick on nails to actually protect my own nails, since I am domesticated. Now I want to give my nails a rest , so here is how I achieve healthy natural nails.

I start by applying Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil all over my nails and cuticle and massage it in. I allow the oil sink into the nails for about 2mins , then I wash off the oil on my hand then I apply any nail polish of my choice.

The nail & cuticle oil is an intense moisturizer that softens the cuticles and cares for dry , brittle nails.It also absorbs quickly into the nails and cuticles to deeply hydrate.

I apply 2 coats of the collection 2 in 1 base coat on my nails, as a nail polish.

This nail care product gives a smooth even finish and protects the nails. The polish improves colour depth and wear and helps prevent staining.  I finish up with a top coat and allow it to dry.

And there you have it.... My nails for the week.!!!

I am off stick on for now, so subsequent nail posts would be with my natural nails.

Have yourselves a wonderful week ahead.


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