Saturday, 27 September 2014

Aisha's Birthday Makeover......

Hello Darlings,

I've known Aisha since 2009 when our daughters started nursery school, and not one day have I seen her on makeup.... So when she contacted me for a birthday treat I was delighted...

Aisha wanted a pre- birthday makeover, and we were online chatting about logistics when my blackberry packed up on me. Like seriously????

I had no way of contacting her to finalize, but I remember giving her my number so I expected her call. I didn't get any call from her and I thought well too bad... Then on Saturday morning, the day of her birthday I finally got a call from her. I was able to make it down to the studio, and  I gave her a birthday makeover and photo session.....

See the pictures below:

First look: Pink eye shadow on the lid, mint green in the tear duct paired with burgundy lips...

Second Look: Same makeup, different outfit...

Third Look: We went for a smokey eyes paired with red lips....

Fourth Look: Still on the smokey eyes with a light peach/nude lips, different outfit...

Which look is your favourite? Do leave a comment below and let me know...

Aisha loved all her looks and she was so eager to get the pictures as soon as possible. And she was off to her birthday lunch with her family....

Here is wishing Aisha a wonderful day as she celebrates, God bless you always!!!



  1. I like the first look, but the smokey is my best!

  2. What a master piece .

  3. Lovely!!! I think my fave is the first look.

  4. I luv d last look, its sweet on her...esp d lips..hapi bdy!

  5. Nice one Dee, her 3rd look was my favorite.

  6. This is beautiful, particularly love the eye duct highlight with torquise!! Thanks again for coming...x

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone.