Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Natural Nails....

Hey Dolls,

Spanking new feature on the blog: My Natural Nails!!! Yippeee.

So i've always loved carrying my natural nails, and the truth is;  they grow really long. The 2 problems i had with long nails: fixing lashes and tying gele.

Thankfully, i've learnt to use the tweezer to place the lashes, and so far so good. For now my nails are still short, but i guess as it grows longer i'll figure out the best way to tie gele without the risk of hurting my nails.

For the first nail feature on the blog i used:
  • Forever Fashion Color Nail Lacquer -  Clear
  • Black Opal Nail Polish - Purple

I started by applying one coat of the clear nail lacquer, and after it dried i applied  2 coats of the purple nail polish. After about 5 mins of drying i applied the clear nail lacquer for extra shine.

And there you have it... my nails for the week, i hope!!!



  1. I've also decided to start beautifying my natural nails. Yours looks lovely

  2. it fits you....but i don't really know if i like the color