Sunday, 12 May 2013

Olubanke's White Wedding

I have never met any bride as calm  and sweet as Olubanke.

 It was a rainy morning on saturday, i got to her house at about 8am, but her hair stylist wasnt there yet and i couldnt start her makeup. While others were busy worrying and calling the hair stylist Banke just maintained her cool. 

During her consultation we discussed colours, did a trial which she like, but we later agreed on a different look: a touch of colour on the eyes and nude lips.

The hair stylist finally showed up, a very pregnant lady! Well i guess we all had to excuse her lateness. Everyone did what they had to do, and by 10.45am the bride was ready for church.

Here are some pictures i could take, hope you like...

Wishing you a happy married life, and thanks for choosing Chloe's Makeover.

Stay Beautiful


  1. Ds is simple n I must join ur crew wen am in my finals in school...

  2. Realy lovely makeup