Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Look of the Day!!!

Hello Dolls,

So today when i got to school to pick my big girl, i met the PTA Chairperson and she was updating me on the family fun day coming up in may! Suddenly she changed the topic and asked me "Do you do your makeup yourself? I responded: Yes i do,then she complimented my looks and said, It seems you always have a theme for your different looks, I smiled..

Its a bold one today, but please note that this look is not your everyday makeup. For your wedding occassions and parties, feel free to rock this!I hope you like it.

The products used to achieve this look will be listed after the pictures. Enjoy



Only 2 people in this world take more pictures than myself, my friends: Alice and Gloria. lol


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Products I used

For my Face:

Mac Fix+ as a primer

Mac MatchMaster foundation 7.0

Mac studio finish concealer nc50

Mac studio fix powder nc50

For my eyes:

Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion

Mac goldmine eyeshadow

bm|pro burnt sienna eyesahdow

bm|pro clydesdale to contour my crease

Jordana twist up pencil black to line my lower eyes

Zaron water proof intense liquid liner FZ01 knight rider to line my upper eyes

Mac eyebrow pencil in spiked to fill in my brows

Mac studio finish concealer nc42 to hightlight my brow bone

For my lips:

I used my foundation to prime my lips... Yes, foundation!!!

Jackline Apple 002 lipstick

For my cheeks:

I contoured my cheekbone and nose with sleek contour kit in medium

Fixed my individual lashes prior to this look

Stay Beautiful


  1. Dis one na christmas day makeup!! Pls normal day makeup for work n all nko?

  2. Keep it up dearie.
    Normal day make up work

    U inspire me oooo

  3. Thanks dears

    Be rest assured I'll update you on simple/daytime office makeup

  4. WeLl done dEe u really have passion for this

  5. Your makeup is so clean. I use zaron eyeliner but it doesn't seem to gve me the dark dramatic look like I want..t comes out kind of too light on my lid compared to my maybelline eyegel or am I nt applying it right? Kind of disappointed wt the product. Anyway just got to know ths blog! Your doin great! Keep It up!

  6. I LOVE DIS OOOOO!!!!CM plz show make up for goin to class plz am in school and i want to waow my friends n

  7. Thanks a bunch my dears! I really appreciate!
    @Anon00:08 it may be your application that is wrong! You know liquid liner can be very tricky! I absolutely love the zaron liquid liner pen! Do follow this blog for more tips and product reviews! Thanks again
    @Mary, I'm blushing! Just follow my blog so that you won't miss a thing *winks*

  8. Mrs Chloe, I hope you allow your face take a break from all these chemicals you put on it?

    I'm sorry but these are just too much IMO. Well for me, my makeup include: eyeshadow, lipgloss, eye/lip pencil; no powder(I have but don't use it), concealer, foundation etc.

    I've got a glowing face that you would think I applied all the facial makeup products but no, the only thing I applied is natural oil(shea butter+olive oil) and I'm good to go.

    I'm not trying to dissuade anyone but I just think these are too much. If I'm to use all these products, I guess it would be on my D-DAY.

  9. @Rubi, thanks for your comment and observations! But I would let you know some things:
    1,Yes I allow my face breath, as a matter of fact I preach it always! I go absolutely natural some days, and other days when I feel like I use my makeup
    2,Everyone has their preference with products, sometimes I skip some steps, sometimes I don't! What may work for me may not work for others.
    3, I have a good routine, which helps me maintain my long as you stick to whatever routine works for you, you shouldn't have problems!
    Finally, love the skin you are in! Thanks.

  10. Lovely blog dear,nice make up,keep it up

  11. Chloe please I can't see the pictures..and I need to..

    1. @Anon23:42, it could be your connection! Maybe you should log in again or better still use a laptop! Thanks