Monday, 25 February 2013

Look of the day!!!

Hello lovelies, hope you all had a beautiful day? I just want to thank everyone for the responses and support i've gotten so far. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

So today is my first official "look of the day" which would be on a regular.. .Something to look forward to *winks winks* Normally i would do my makeup, take some pictures and upload on bbm as my display picture, but for 3days now my dp has refused to change! Hmmmmm?It seems this RIM ish is affecting me too *rolling my eyes*....

To be honest, the last time i did a full makeup look was 2 weeks ago, trust me when i say its been o'natural till today. Anyways , i hope you'll like the look.

I have listed the products i used to achieve this look, so scroll to the end of the page just before you leave a comment to view the list.


Stay Beautiful


Products I used


For my Face:

Mac Fix+ as a primer

Black|up fluid foundation 04

Mac studio finish concealer nc50

Mac studio fix powder nc50


For my eyes:

Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion

light brown from Sleek eyeshadow pallete storm 578

bm|pro bronze gold

bm|pro clydesdale to contour my crease

Jordana twist up pencil in black for my waterline

Eversheen kohl pencil in burgundy P570 for my lashline

Zaron water proof intense liquid liner FZ01 knight rider to line my upper eyes

Mac eyebrow pencil in spiked to fill in my brows

Mac studio finish concealer nc42 to hightlight my brow bone


For my lips:

I used a random lip balm to prime my lips

Mac hug me lipstick


For my cheeks:

Mac powder blush in fever


Finally i contoured my cheekbone and nose with sleek contour kit in medium


N.B Fixed the individual lashes prior to this look


  1. Dee u amaze me well my question is my brows how do I make that perfect arc lol I have tried and tried also would u advise lashes for occasions or an everyday look thanks

  2. Collete, for the brows, you know its not everyone that has the perfect arch! But you can create it for yourself using stencils(that's cheating though) start by grooming your brows, let it grow to the fullest, then Go to a professional to get it waxed, plucked, sharped or threaded! As for lashes, if you haven't used them before, maybe you would want to try the strip ones for occassions, then you can go for the individual ones, it may feel very weird initially... If you can't get used to it, then get yourself lenghtening or volumizing mascara as the case may be!!! I hope this helps

  3. Dee keep up the good work. Very nice indeed. Pls I need to change my whole makeup. I need a new powder but not sure which one to go for. I'm tired of Mac. It gets darker as it gets used, which in turn makes my face darker. Will come for a consult when I'm settled ok.
    Nice job

  4. Lovly...vry nice job...wish †̥ learn..

    1. Hi anonymous 12:49, send me your email address and I'll give you all the details of our training

  5. Thanks dee will do so then give u a feedback

  6. Hi Ronnie thanks a lot! And about the powder, is it possible that you use to puff to apply on your face? Sometimes when the puff is exposed to sweat and moist, it tends to change the colour of the powder! Its best you use your powder brush for application! I'm available for consultation when you are...

  7. Dee dear you are hired to do my brides face on our wedding day,good job!!good job

  8. Nice work. pls where is your studio?

  9. really nice. thanks for the follow

  10. hi amaka my studio is in surulere , lagos

  11. very beautiful look love the brows nd d nude finish.....