Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lights, Camera, Smack your lips!!!

Hi dolls, so we had our photoshoot today! I was going to take a rest but decided to drop a short one. I just want to thank all the models who took part, you girls did an amazing job. Not forgetting my photographer Spice Imaginations, who kept taking pictures and refused to stop. It all went well, and i cant wait to see the pictures...

Here's a sneak peak

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Stay Beautiful


  1. Looks interesting, can't wait to see d finished work. Thumbs up

  2. In suspense!,..hmmmmmm,..I wonder why I wasn't part of this team. Anyway,..I am still excited and I'm waiting to see the finished job. Congrats!!

  3. Anonymous 10:56,Thanks a bunch!
    @ Alegna, you know how we do? *winks*