Saturday, 16 February 2013

In the beginning.....

  Hello Everyone and welcome to my Blog. I am so delighted to finally be here, to share my thoughts and experiences on makeup artistry. Its been a long time coming...    

Now where do i start? I have always been fascinated with colours and i remember right up to my secondary school days i took fine arts,even at SSCE level . The whole mixing of colours and painting grew on me over the years. After my secondary school i was admitted to University of Lagos to study Psychology, and somehow my love for colours had to take the back seat. All this while i was only doing makeup for myself and nobody else.It was not until my final year, i had the opportunity to do a friends' makeup for her engagement. She had told me since our second year i would do her makeup, and my response was: when the time comes. Well that time came, i was not equipped for the job so we both went and got everything we would need for her engagement makeup. I did the makeup, she loved it but that was it. I graduated, got married, went to further my studies, got back and found myself working in the corporate world.
By this time i was really getting bored with my job, i didnt feel i was doing exactlly what i wanted to do,and i wasn't  very fulfilled. While i was on leave, I made enquiries and went for formal training with beauty expert and pro makeup artist: Banke Meshida Lawal of BMPRO. The week i completed my course, a family friend was getting married and i was very excited when she asked me to do the makeup for her maids, as she had already gotten someone to do hers. When i finished the makeup for her maids, they were all too happy! I hadnt seen the bride till we got to church , when she saw me after the service she called me aside and said she wont take pictures until i do her makeup for her. She was almost getting jealous of her maids, but i reassured her she is the bride, the only one wearing the lovely white dress, its her day and she's most beautiful. Well, all my psychs didnt work, we had to go to the car and i did what i had to do and she went on to enjoy the rest of her day.
After i resumed back at work, i started getting compliments on the job i had done and that was the beginning of my journey into professional makeup artistry and the end of my corporate career. I havent looked back since then.
It gives me so much joy when i see a smile on a clients face, and for that reason i'll keep doing what i am doing.
Please feel free to leave a comment and also drop by from time to time for beauty and makeup tips.

Stay Beautiful.


  1. You've definitely got talent! Seen some of your makeovers on fb and was impressed! Keep it up girl and hope in future you create tutorials on how to apply makeup and stuff like that:)) You're definitely gonna go far;-) .......Prekky��

  2. Passion is the mother of genius!! Congratulations darling!.Alegna.

  3. Ada Ejike Onyeama17 February 2013 at 09:29

    Good step dear, i also have passion 4 make up artistry but have not had d tym 2 take dt bold step. Can't wait 4 d tym 2 go in2 it.

  4. av seen ur work n your so damn good wiv colours

  5. You've definitly got Talent!Keep it exciting and of cause we'd always drop by!

  6. Grinning from ear to go girl!

  7. Thanks alot everyone! I appreciate the kind words and encouragement!

  8. This simply shows that everyone doesn't necessarily have to be in a corporate world. Am challenged. congrats dear.

  9. Doyin mamalet!!well done!God continue to bless the work of your hands!!